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Our objective is to enhance performance and meet our clients' investment expectations by specialisation and innovation. We have particular expertise in total return investing and environmental equity investing.

The Total Return approach used in our Global Equity Strategies emphasises the importance of dividend yield and dividend growth as well as price increases.  We employ a diversified approach, investing in all industries, all regions and all capitalisations. This strategy has consistently outperformed the MSCI World Index since its 2003 launch, with less risk and volatility.

We expect the key investment drivers over the next 20 years to include the world's changing demographic profile, scarce natural resources, and sustained pressure for lower carbon economies. Since 2000 we have been pioneering environmental investment strategies and were one of the first investment firms globally to launch separate Water and Renewable Energy Funds, a product line-up that now includes Agribusiness and Cleaner Solutions.

We are pleased to be a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and be a part of the network of investors who support and promote the long term benefits of sustainable investment within the context of their individual investment processes and fiduciaries duties.Click here for further information.



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Equities - Keep the faith

By KleinWB Friday, 17th April 2015 | 0 comments
Where to from here...can equity markets keep going? Despite the strong returns achieved last quarter, for euro investors in particular, I continue to take the ‘glass half full’ view and believe that equities can make further progress over the next 12 -18 months. It’s worth highlighting that in absolute valuation terms, equities are no longer cheap, as the MSCI World equity index is now on a P/E ratio (using 12 month trailing earnings) of 18 versus the 16.9 times historic average, and so equities are now above fair value relative to history. My core expectation from here is that further upward progress will be in line with earnings and dividend growth rather than by further P/E expansion. The slow-but-sure economic recovery we forecast will support this.

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Environmental Equity Strategies
For well over 10 years we have been pioneering environmental and natural resource oriented investment strategies; back in 2000 we were one of the first investment firms globally to launch separate Water and Renewable Energy Funds, a product line-up that now includes Agribusiness and Cleaner Solutions.
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Global Equity Strategies
The aim of Global Equity Strategies is to exploit the inefficiency with which the market continually under-prices the earnings potential of higher dividend paying companies. Unlike traditional 'high-yield' offerings we remove regional and industry traps and further increase the opportunity set by having 'all-cap' coverage.
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Multi Asset Strategies
The Kleinwort Benson Investors Multi-Asset Strategies combine our in-house specialist products with other world class specialists.
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Who are we?
Kleinwort Benson Investors is the dedicated investment management specialist for institutional investors within the Kleinwort Benson Group. We are committed to doing what we do best - delivering specialist, sustainable and innovative investment strategies for institutional investors which deliver long term returns.
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